BODYGUARD Anti Theft Backpack

BODYGUARD Anti Theft Backpack

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Arctic Hunter Bodyguard Anti Theft Backpack

The design of this backpack is inspired by nature in the Swedish Alps, as it strikes a perfect balance between style, security and convenience. Due to its versatility & minimalistic style. Arctic Hunter Bodyguard has been one of our top sellers in Australia since early 2019.

With over 15 compartments including secret pockets. Bodyguard is the perfect backpack for all occasion.

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Specifically designed to be anti theft yet easily accessible, Bodyguard has a TSA approved passcode lock installed to ensure maximum security for your valuables. Multiple hidden compartments provide easy access to frequently used items. A USB charging port allows you to easily charge your mobile device without having to hold the portable battery.

There are two colour models available. Night Black & Space Grey.