Transformer Functional Backpack

Transformer Functional Backpack

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Introducing Transformer

The Arctic Hunter Transformer backpack is a unique two in one modular backpack designed for carrying all your belongings with the utmost comfort. Featuring detachable front and rear compartments, Transformer offers customizable capacity to easily accommodate light or heavy loads. Perfect for travel and professional uses.

Transformer effortlessly fits the carry-on dimension-specs of most airlines while comfortably fitting under your airline seat. Ensuring that you get to your destination while avoiding the hassle of checking-in luggage and waiting at the baggage carousel. 

Split in Seconds

With our patented ziptech™ design, Transformer can be easily and quickly separated into two, a lite backpack and a lite carry bag by simply unzipping.

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With over 15+ compartments combined in the two backpacks , Transformer offers the ultimate flexibility based on your travel needs.

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There are two colour models available, Night Black & Space Grey.

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  • Two in one utility backpack

  • Expandable main compartment

  • Luggage Strap for attaching to luggage handles

  • Quick access top pocket

  • Organisation pockets for all your accessories

  • Water-resistant, high strength polyester material

  • Detachable straps

  • Pockets for bottle or umbrella

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